Coronavirus Updates

To ensure the safety and well being of all persons involved in our photography and video productions (specifically in response to COVID-19) we are implementing the:

Association of Photography (AOP) Covid 19 Shoot Production Guidlines vAOP 01

The guidelines include:

    1. Government Guidlines, Medical Information, Key Principles
    2. AOP Best Practices
    3. COVID-19 Health Statement (to be shown to, or read to, all shoot attendees)

You can download a PDF version of the guidlines for your reference here.

For all the latest Coronavirus updates and guidance specific to the UK photography creative industry visit the AOP Website.


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It can be tricky to know how to navigtate the production of your creative project during these challenging times. No problem! We are here to help. Ready to produce beautiful photography and video for you safely. Get in touch with us to talk more about your project.

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