Model Photography & Modelling Portfolio FAQ

I get asked a lot of questions about being a Fashion Photographer and what it is like working in the industry.

If you have a question that you would like to ask please feel free to get in touch.

Do I Need a Portfolio in Order To Get Into Modelling?

No. Well, not immediately at least. Eventually you will of course need a portfolio to show clients and get booked for paid work however, it is not essential simply to get the ball rolling.

Initially I would encourage you to reach out to reputable modelling agencies. If they think that you have potential, they will work with you to develop your first portfolio. This could be by undertaking what is refereed to in the industry as “testing” (when a photographer, model and sometimes wider creative team, work together freely for the mutual benefit of their respective portfolio development) or by recommending a specific photographer for you to work with.

The caveat with testing is that the photographers are often at the beginning (but not always) of their own careers, looking to practice and develop their skills working with agency standard models.

There are still a great many reasons for you to invest in working with an experienced professional photographer to create quality portfolio images that shows you at your best.

Why Should I Choose You As My Portfolio Photographer?

  • I specialise in fashion photography.
  • I produce real work for real fashion clients.
  • My work is internationally published.
  • I’m experienced working with top fashion models and agencies.
  • I’m able to deliver the professional high standard of work that the industry demands.
  • I know what’s on trend right now, ensuring that together we create a look that’s relevant.
  • I will guide you to produce your personal best as a model.

Why Do You Shoot Model Portfolios?

I love helping people to develop, grow and realise their potential.

I genuinely believe that there is beauty in all of us. Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us so that we can truly start to believe in ourselves.

Working together, through photography, I will show you just how incredible you truly are.

You’re an Experienced Photographer, Why do you do Test Shoots?

I want to be the very best photographer that I can possibly be.  To continually pursue this goal, I believe in regular practice of my craft.

Consider that to become a master of, well almost anything, you simply must practice. A musician must practice, a student must practice maths, a dancer must practice, an athlete must practice. You must practice! At whatever it is you wish to excel at. No one is good enough at anything, that they could not benefit from additional practice. There is always something new to learn and improve upon. That’s what keeps things interesting after all.

Of course, having some solid experience behind me has it’s advantages. I’m trusted by London’s top modelling agencies to work with and develop their new talent. They will often specifically approach me and request that I work with their models.

My client work naturally takes priority however, as a photographer it is essential to develop a robust professional relationship with the agencies and bookers in your city. Testing is an important part of that in my opinion.

Will a Modelling Agency Charge me for a Portfolio?

No! Not when you are just starting out.

If you are asked to pay something in order to work with the agency then they are likely not a true agency. Professional modelling agencies work on a commission basis. They take a percentage of the fee/rate that the model makes when they are booked for a job.

If you are signed on as a “New Face” or “Development” model with a professional modelling agency, they will typically put you in touch with reputable photographers who will “test” with you.

You can however expect to pay if you are looking to work with a specific and experienced photographer, one who is in demand for example. If you’re at this juncture great, you obviously have potential to go far and will get great images from working with this photographer.

Should I Use a Professional Makeup Artist for my Photo Shoot?

Yes. Always. That is, unless specifically guided to do otherwise by your photographer. A makeup artist will work together with the photographer to show a model at their very best.

For portfolio shoots “the look” being created should typically be natural. It’s ironically called a “no makeup look”. The makeup is most definitely there however, and is applied to compliment professional studio photography that uses flashes/strobes.

When a client is considering you for a job, they will look at your modelling portfolio and will want to see the real you. This is so that they can determine for themselves how they “see you” working for their brand/product. The client does not want to see another photographers or makeup artists or stylists “version” of you. This is why you will not see highly stylised editorial photography in a modelling portfolio,  at least not for a developing model.

Can You Recommend Modelling Agencies in London?

Sure. Send me a message explaining what you are looking for and I’ll share what I think could be good options for you.

How Much Does a Modelling Portfolio Book Cost?

This depends on the format of portfolio that you wish to create. There are two main options to choose from, on-line and print (as in a physical portfolio book).

Both options require images to be created and this is the core service that a photographer provides for a modelling portfolio shoot.

The printed portfolio just has a few more steps, including printing your images and acquiring a portfolio book(optionally with sleeves) to put them in.

As part of your modelling portfolio shoot you have the option to purchase prints of your digital images.

Got A Question?

If you have a question about photography, modelling or next weeks lottery numbers then get in touch.

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