Fashion blogger Novelty Eye and myself took to the streets of London recently to create a fashion editorial story for Maasai Colour.

John Sansom work featured in Kenya Airways magazine

Featured in Kenya Airways’ Msafiri magazine

As a photographer, shooting street style editorials with fashion bloggers is a lot of fun! There’s quite an unpredictable element to the flow of things because of the environment you’re working in, being out there on the streets. You need to think and act fast on your feet, to ensure you get the shots you need and deliver what your client is looking for. It’s challenging both technically and conceptually, which is great because it really pushes the skills of the photographer and keeps you sharp. Too much studio time can slow those reflexes 🙂

Those of you with fast sports photography experience will find you can bring those technical skills to work for you here, with there being a need to get shots on the move and quick reactions. Of course you still need to shoot with the fashion, concept and messaging as your core focus. It’s great fun! I look forward to doing more projects like this.

If you’re a fashion blogger and would like to collaborate together on an upcoming project get in touch.