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My Approach to Retouching Your Images

My approach to photo retouching is to bring forth a subjects natural and authentic beauty. To show how you or I would see them, on their best day. 

Modern photographic images in their straight-out-of-camera RAW form emphasise details that the “minds-eye” cannot see in everyday life. Sometimes this may be desired from an artistic standpoint however, my aim is to return an image to a more natural place.  Free from distraction to permit the core beauty of an image take centre stage. To show the image as you or I would actually “see” it.

I use non-destructive techniques only to retouch images and completely avoid the use of plugins for skin work. This ensures that all the beautiful detail of your original images is preserved. Yes, it’s a more resource intensive approach but then quality work takes time and it certainly shows in the results.

You invest a lot of time and energy in your image making, so make sure you don’t short-change yourself in the subsequent stages of the creative process, by giving your images the quality retouching they deserve.

See My Retouching Style in Action

Enjoy this video of a 3 hour image retouch sped-up and condensed into 5 minutes. Using non-destructive techniques, see how I work with the strengths of the original image by carefully refining the quality that is already there.

Sample Work

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