In this video I show you how to extend the background of an image in Photoshop CC easily.

Working with Print Magazine Dimensions

Whilst working on a recent fashion editorial submission for a magazine, I had a need to resize the images in order to make them fit the dimensions of the publication that they were to be published in. One of the considerations when using a full frame camera (in my case the Nikon D810) is that the ratio of the image size is 2:3. So in portrait orientation this often means that the out of camera crop of an image is not going to fit nicely with the dimensions of a typical magazine portrait oriented layout.

To workaround this, photographers will often leave extra room around their subject in order to give themselves or their photo editors the flexibility to crop as they desire for the magazines layout. Of course, this does go against the school of thought that you will often hear “Internet photographers” throwing around as best practice, about ensuring to crop in camera and we’ll save that whole discussion for another time.

However, should you find yourself needing to adjust the dimensions of your image but cropping would cut into area that you wish to show, then you will need to extend your original image area in order to support the crop you desire. This can easily be achieved using Adobe Photoshop CC and show you how in the video below.